Elliott's Knob FOE Aerie 680

Virginia's Oldest Aerie

225 Old Greenville Road

Staunton, Virginia 24401-4872

Telephone: 540-886-9834

Men's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm

Women's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm

Auxiliary President's Message

Brothers and Sisters,

Cakes at Bingo Monday, November the 6th, will support Angelita Howe’s charity, Saint Rita’s Orphanage. Cake donations will be appreciated. Concession workers are needed for November. Please see Nancy Bailey to sign up for concession;

Training will be provided!

Thanks to all that showed up for the ladies meeting on October 18th. We had a good turnout, hope to see you again in November. The Halloween party was a big hit with 30+ members and 100+ special needs in attendance.

Thank you to all those that are serving or have served our country to keep this the land of the free.

God Bless You!

Hope Fitzgerald!

Auxiliary Secretary's Message

Hello my Sisters and Brothers:

Many of you know we have had a change in the auxiliary. With the resignation of Debra Eckard as Madam President, former Madam Vice President, Hope Fitzgerald, steps into that position. That left a vacancy in the Vice President’s chair. At out October 18 meeting, nominations for a new Madam Vice President were taken with an expected election at the November 1 meeting. However, only one name was submitted for nomination. Sharon Back was nominated and accepted the position. Because there were no other nominations, there is no need for a vote. Sharon is our new Vice President. When you see her, give her some words of encouragement and congratulations.

During October, we welcomed into the auxiliary the following new members: Tiffani Diehl, Sandra Donald, Tammy Halterman, Cynthia Hartless, Hilda Radick, Stephanie Wade and Brenda Whitehead. When you see them please extend a warm Eagle welcome!

We need your help in keeping up with the happenings of our members. If you know of a death in the family, illness or hospitalization, please notify me or the bar staff.

Remember our military and our sick and shut-ins in your prayers. Let’s continue to be “People Helping People”!

Yours fraternally,
Pauline H. Reese,











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Visiting Committee

The visiting committee for this year is Donna Lane and Sharon Back. If you know of anyone sick, in the hospital, just needs a card to pick them up, someone who has lost a loved one, please contact these ladies.

Secret Sisters

Just a reminder to all Secret Sisters: Please remember your Secret Sister on her Birthday, Anniversary, and other special days. If you lose your Secret Sister information sheet, please contact Angela Hunter and she will get you a copy.

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