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Telephone: 540-886-9834

Men's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm

Women's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm

From the Auxiliary By-Law Committee

The by-laws committee of the Ladies Auxiliary will begin the reading of proposed amendments during the March 1 meeting. Ladies Auxiliary Rules and Regulations of Fraternal Order of Eagles require that these be read at three consecutive meetings with voting to occur on the night of the final reading. Therefore, the proposed amendments will be read at the March 1, March 15, and the April 5 meetings. Discussion and voting will occur at the April 5 meeting. All proposed changes are necessitated by changes made by the Grand in reference to names of accounts and what they may be used for.

Auxiliary President's Message

Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to personally thank everyone who came out to attend our Valentine Dinner and Dance on February 11th.

A special thanks to Victor Snell and all the volunteers who helped decorate, serve wine and dinner. Cakes at bingo Monday, March 6th to support Sharon Back and her charity, New Directions. Quarterly cakes at bingo Monday, March 20th to support Mary Pauley and her charity, Local Needs.

AUXILIARY BY-LAWS CHANGES – PLEASE ATTEND THE MARCH AND APRIL MEETINGS. Proposed changes will be read at the March 1st and 15th meetings. The floor will be open for discussions and then a final vote will be taken at the April 5th meeting. The By-laws Committee will send recommended changes to the Grand Aerie for approval. If you want a voice in the Auxiliary you need to take time and attend these meetings.

Sandy Hale

Auxiliary Secretary's Message

Hello My Sisters and Brothers:

I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely Valentine’s Dinner and Dance. Kudos to Lois Snell and her committee on a job well done!

During February we welcomed into the auxiliary new members: Vonne Siron, Regina Dofflemyer, and Barbara Hylton. When you see these ladies, welcome them and get them involved!

We need your help in keeping up with the happenings of our members. If you know of a death in the family, illness or hospitalization, please notify me or the bar staff.

Remember our military and our sick and shut-ins in your prayers.

Let’s continue to be “People Helping People”!

Yours fraternally,
Pauline H Reese











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Secret Sisters

Just a reminder to all Secret Sisters: Please remember your Secret Sister on her Birthday, Anniversary, and other special days. If you lose your Secret Sister information sheet, please contact Angela Hunter and she will get you a copy.

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