Elliott's Knob FOE Aerie 680

Virginia's Oldest Aerie

225 Old Greenville Road

Staunton, Virginia 24401-4872

Telephone: 540-886-9834

Men's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm

Women's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm

Do You Just Belong

Are you an active member,
The kind that would be missed
Or are you just contented
That your name is on the list?
Do you attend the meetings
And mingle with the flock
Or do you stay at home
And criticize and knock?
Do you ever go and visit
A member that is sick
Or leave the work to just few
And talk about the Clique?
Come to the meetings often
And help with hand and heart
Don't be just a member
But take an active part.
Think this over “Sister and Brother”
You know right from wrong
Are you an active Member or do you just belong?












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Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 680

Post Office Box 179

Staunton, Virginia 24402-0179



Auxiliary President's Message

Brothers and Sisters,

Wow! I can't believe summer is gone and fall is here. Brothers and Sisters, thanks to your sup-port the benefit for Alex Caldwell was a success. Cakes at bingo Monday, October 3rd to support Lois Snell and her charity, Local Dialysis/Kidney Fund. Ladies, come join us for "Ladies Night Out" on Wednesday, October 12th - 6:00 pm. Dinner at Hometown Grill & Buffet , 30 Sangers Lane (Old Shoney's restaurant). Chinese auction $10.00 gift. Reservations will not be taken after Wednesday, October 5th. Contact Lois Snell, 540-949-8132, if you would like to at-tend. Friday, October 28th Halloween Dance and Costume Contest. See Lois Snell if you would like to be a judge. The Children's Halloween party is on Sunday, October 30th from 4pm-6pm for our membership and 6pm-8pm for the special needs people. Entertainment commit-tee needs volunteers to judge the costume con-test for both groups. There is a large crowd that attends this party, so any cookies or candy is greatly appreciated. Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 5th - 7:00pm. The next few months are full of events and we need your help. Hope you can join us.

Sandy Hale

Auxiliary Secretary's Message

Hello My Sisters and Brothers:

Well it is Fall. Time for the leaves to change and float to the ground. Daylight hours are shorter and temps will be lower. That also means there are new activities for 680. Halloween parties, Loving Care Baskets, Thanks-giving and Christmas. See information in the newsletter for more details.

Unfortunately for the Auxiliary we lost 19 members who did not pay their dues. They have been dropped. What this means is they are members not in good standing. In order to come into the club now, you will need to fill out a new application, get two proposers, pay the $20 application fee and start the process all over.

Good news – we initiated into membership Eva Simmons. Please welcome her when you see her.

(We need your help in keeping up with the happenings of our members. If you know of a death in the family, illness or hospitalization, please notify me or the bar staff.

Remember our military and our sick and shut-ins in your prayers.

Let’s continue to be “People Helping People”!

Yours fraternally,
Pauline H Reese

Visiting Committee

The visiting committee for this year is Donna Lane and Sharon Back if you know of anyone sick, in the hospital, just needs a card to pick them up, someone who has lost a loved one please contact these ladies.

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