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Men's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm

Women's Meeting: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm

A Thank You Note from Alan and Tammy Cale

This Thank You note was received from Alan and Tammy Cale after the party for the Special Needs People:

I want to personally thank all of you who provided a great Halloween party and the $1000.00 donation for ourArea5 Special Olympians. I could never put into words the heart felt warmth and generosity that you all showed and shared to our Special needs families and friends. I may have told some of you that my wife Tammy and I are in training to take over leadership of Area5 Special Olympics and it sure is great to know that we have such great organizations like the Eagles to assist us in providing future happiness for our Special needs families. As you got to witness the laughter, big smiles and dancing from all the individuals it sums it all up for us. Again thank all of you and god bless… Please share with all your folks…

Alan & Tammy Cale
(Area 5 Coordinator in training)

Auxiliary President's Message

Brothers and Sisters,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great turnout for the Children's Halloween Party. Thanks to Kim Botkin, Becky Mohler, Lois Snell, Lala Putnam, Debbie Eckard, and Mary Pauley. Thanks also to the judges, Eric Ewell, Hope Fitzgerald, Angelita Howe, and Debbie Eckard. Thanks to Victor Snell and Aerie officers for providing us with enough funds to give each child of the Aerie a ten dollar gift card to Walmart.

Upcoming events are: December 5th, Monday, Mary Pauley will do a cake raffle for Loving Care Baskets at Bingo. This is to benefit a needy family for Christmas. Please join us at our Wednesday, December 7th meeting. Following the meeting we are going to wrap presents for Santa. Bring tape and scissors and join in the fun. December 10th, Saturday, from 9-11 AM is our Aerie children's Christmas breakfast with Santa. We need helpers and goodies for the breakfast; see Lois Snell. The Auxiliary's Christmas dinner is Wednesday, December 14th at 6 PM. Dinner provided by Aerie, bring your favorite salad or dessert. Don't forget a gift for Auxiliary Mother Lois Snell and a $10.00 gift for the Chinese auction if you wish to play. Final time for Secret Sister exchange and selection of a new secret sister for next year. See Angela Hunter for more details. Thanks to Mary Pauley and everyone who came out to shop or deliver boxes for our needy families.

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017.

Sandy Hale











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Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 680

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Auxiliary Secretary's Message

Hello My Sisters and Brothers:

Can you believe it is almost time for Holiday Parties? I can’t believe we are into November already.

The Auxiliary is glad to welcome new members Pamela Fenlon, Irene Hazlett, Jessica LeGore and dual member Vicky Stover. Welcome them and get them involved!

We need your help in keeping up with the happenings of our members. If you know of a death in the family, illness or hospitalization, please notify me or the bar staff.

Remember our military and our sick and shut-ins in your prayers.

Let’s continue to be “People Helping People”!

Yours fraternally,
Pauline H Reese

Visiting Committee

The visiting committee for this year is Donna Lane and Sharon Back if you know of anyone sick, in the hospital, just needs a card to pick them up, someone who has lost a loved one please contact these ladies.

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